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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, DKB and Zainab have been disqualified from the house of BBA7

Back to Zainab and DKB, these two had some little misunderstandings sometime back but they settled them out and we thought they had finally made up again but to my surprise they both nominated each other. Fortunately or unfortunately they are both in the same basket as we are just waiting for time to decide who will be successful with his /her contributions.

Yesterday’s disqualification was a right decision to both the Housemates and the world at large who are watching this show. Big Brother rules condemn violence  of any kind in any way and that any Housemates who gets involved in it has to be punished accordingly.
It looked a bit difficult to decide who was going to be  disqualified but according to the rules both Housemates (DKB and Zainab) had to be disqualified from the game for being violent to one onother.Violence is not only physical bu its also psychological and that’s what confused many people thinking that Zainab was not violent.

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