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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


oops i beg my dear what were you thinking dressing like you are  going to watch soccer thats too casual ,and  this is amont the worst dress  from kili awards red carpet!!
Wrong makeup ,wrong event dress jaman ladies before you get out of your house make sure your make up looks perfect,so double check your make shost ,dear u look like you have applied flour .. blame it to your mirror .
I hope you are  above 18, oops you look so young my dear ,oky if  I may  ask why yellow stockings huh?? what happened  you  lost your fashion book or you took a wrong fashion book for this event i beg you look like you were ready for kids event lol!!
Pretty girls rock who wore it better ???
But Daaah  not for kili awards event the dresses were too brief jaman the handbag oops  i think   you  guys would rock better in club in those looks!!
Makeup  OMG  ??????? two colors one person mweeh ,i think next time you should arrange your self before you appear  to that big event try to look for a professional makeup artist to make you look good..
''Heeey am going for kili awards'' Oops looks like you  were at a wrong event my dear  Among worst dressed from kili awards red carpet ,thats a perfect look for watching taifa star match (soccer )or for nyama choma festival.. 
I believe all tv presenters at least they got full information about the event sasa what happened to this one dressing like she was going for a movie, too casual dammn!!!
Flat shoes on the red carpet ooh nooo perfect look for movie and not for that big event jamaan please lets dress  according to the theme of the event or other wise this will happen---->. worst dressed

Before you go for any event or if your invited to any event feel free to ask the dressed code so that you avoid to be on the list of the worst dressed.
Also ladies lets double check our makeup  maan mmh!!

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