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Friday, September 13, 2013


By Special Correspondent

Popular Tanzanian fashion designer Sheria Ngowi, plans to build a modern textile manufacturing plant which is current based in Bangalore, India as part of his efforts to foster the development of fashion and design industry in the country.

Speaking to reporters in a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Sheria Ngowi Company, Assistant Director and Marketing Manager Deogratius Kessy said that the firm plans to build a modern manufacturing plant that would create employment opportunities to Tanzanian youths.

“A modern manufacturing plant would be a solution for those Tanzanians who always travel to abroad for shopping because it will reduce the cost and time spent in the queue at the various international airports,” he said.

Kessy underscored that the Sheria Ngowi firm will also provides their services in neighboring countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, DRC Congo and Kenya at the popular city of Nairobi.

He said Sheria Ngowi, who recently opened his flagship store in Tanzania, is known for his custom tailored suits, using only superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring, and quality that is hard to find.

“No one tells an authentic African story better that Africans themselves, through my designs the west and the east merge to create a beautiful journey of various culture and heritage,” he explained.

 Having studies Law Ngowi’s sentrance into design is not an accident but a choice made due to an unwavering obsession with fashion and a keen awareness of its power.

Shy and humble by nature, Sheria is uncomfortable speaking about himself and what he has achieved. That said, the honor of being able to showcase in New York during fashion week does not go unnoticed.

Sheria Ngowi, who recently opened his flagship store in the country, has been invited to attend New York Fashion Week show and become the first Tanzanian designer to attend in the history of fashion and design industry.

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