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Monday, October 21, 2013


I lost 31kgs by using Clean 9 and Nutri Lean Program

Who are you?
My name is Felister Machange a Forever Living Products distributor, Am a Manager  Level living in Dar es salaam Tanzania. iam a Certified Public Accountant, (CPA T) I am also pursuing my MBA Finance at the Univesity of Dar es salaam.

Had you always been Obese?
No! In the year 2005, i weighted less than 70kg and i was the ideal weight for my height. When I joined Forver Living in September 2012, I weighted 94kgs. I kept wondering what  had caused the weight gain, and I soon realized though the team I had joined, that it was definitely my lifestyle.

What did being obese make you feel?
It made me very uncomfortable. i did not have the couage to start losing weight, because i had seen people go on Diets that worked at the beginning but later they put on back the weight. I dreaded having to go through such as experience.

Look at you now Felister, you look great! what was your turning point that led you to start on the weight management programme?
In December 2012, I qualified to travel to nairobi, Kenya Success day, all expense paid for trip and this made me so happy!!! This happiness was short-lived because with the excitement of the event and all the recognition taking place,I tried hard to the recognition taking place, I tried hard to pose in a way my body would not look large when taking photos but all that was in vain.

 What happened after that?
I had learn through the training at forver Living Products that one does not get fat overnight and in the same way, you do not lose the weight overnight. On 3rd january 2013 I got started on the CLEAN 9 Programme. I told everybody, including my close friends, family and people I knew, that i had started on the weight loss and even went a head on Social media - my Facebook page and posted my before photos of 2006 - and shared that I was going to get my body back!!!

 This inspired and encouraged me greatly. After that training, I went and bought three small beautiful outfits. I remember the shop owner wanting to know who I was buying the smaller outfits for since they definitely could not fit me....and I confidently told her they were mine with no further explanation and went home to continue my clean 9.
Of course! Today I weigh 63kg, the weight I was 6 years back and my goal is to get to 62kgs. So 1 more Kilogram to shed off!! Iam now very comfortable with my new outfits, definitely the smaller sizes and when I took my picture today, I enjoyed posing for it very much because I love my body NOW.
Last words Felister and any advice for anyone who would like to lose weight?
Firstly i would like you to know from my own experience that I have gotten more energy and stamina and skin that shines and glows. I would like to encourage those who are overweight or obese to use the Clean9 program because it is a healthy way to lose weight and most important rule to success is to set your target like I did, so that you can remind yourself what you want to achieve and be accountable.

Thank you so much felister for sharing with us this amazing experience ,Good news is we will be updating more health and beauty every monday so stay right here.

This is amazing transformation.  Obesity, extra-weight issues have become so prevalent. It’s about time now to take control of yourself and start to lose that extra-weight.
 You can take part in the weight loss management programme every Tuesday at Grand villa at 5:30pm and if you can’t make it, you can call 255716777425, for an appointment on weekends.
You will be guided on how to eat healthy meals, tips and tricks for meal planning, and Health weight management skills.

Tell your friend  to tell your friends and friend and see you .

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